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I just starting watching (and caught up to) Black Sails....possibly in the previous 24 hours....and I have so many feelings about this show omg. Like, canonically queer characters! Actually historically accurate racial diversity! Flawless ladies! Who speak to each other! Polyamorous relationships! And all of this in a period drama about pirates.

I'm gonn be all about this show for a while. 

Especially this fucking kiss holy shit

(credit to hudeijun for giffing this)

This scene was so fucking beautiful. James literally standing up and kicking the earl out of his own fucking house in Thomas' defense. It didn't matter that he thought Thomas' plan was idealistic, that it would be an impossible sell. It didn't matter that he told Thomas so and was ignored. Nobody speaks to Thomas the way his father did in front of him. 

This is Thomas realising for the first time that his feelings might be reciprocated. And he's just so fucking overwhelmed with love and gratitude that he can't help himself. He has to express it somehow. 

And look at James' hesitation, look at the way he draws back and the war in his face. Maybe he's felt this way about other men, but he's never dared to act on it. How many times has he thought about doing this, how many times has it made shame curl through his gut and squeeze?

The season 2 storyline of Flint's backstory is honestly some of the best storytelling I've seen on TV. It's revealed piecemeal and only as it becomes relevant to the present-day story, only as the memories swell up in Flint or Miranda's mind. It feels as if the camera dips into the characters' heads as they remember each moment. I started watching because I heard he was bi already knowing about Flint's affair with the Hamiltons, but god I wish I could watch it unveil in real time without the prior knowledge because it would've been so much sweeter. 

And, then, obviously, in the same fucking moment they created one of my favourite lovestories of all time, they turned around and just ripped my fucking heart out. & this basically reminds me what a double-edged sword it is to be in fandom as the show evolves, because there are only 2 James/Thomas fics (& only one of them included Miranda, which is a travesty because the season 2 storyline has basically made me fall in love with her & I need her in everything tbh.)

I need some AU fix-it fic so fucking badly.

I need the AU where Thomas didn't commit suicide and Flint manipulates his crew into saving him from the asylum. Maybe the earl wants him and the embarrassment he causes their family further away, so Thomas is shipped off to the Americas to be incarcerated there. 

I need the AU where Thomas escaped on his own and it's just the story that he committed suicide. And maybe Thomas is on the run but he spends months, years, searching fruitlessly for James and Miranda but no one knows where they went and, finally, on a whim, he thinks, what about Nassau? Could they have really gone to Nassau? And it takes months to find a ship that will take him there, month more for the voyage, until he reaches Nassau and is reunited with the loves of his life.

I need the AU where James isn't too late, where he and Thomas and Miranda slip away to Nassau together and live out their happily ever after together in their little house inland. And they each have their own things together, each side of their triad, and they spend their evenings hotly debating the meanings of the favourite books but they end up, all of them, every night, sleeping in one bed. Miranda with her face against James' chest, Thomas' arm slung around both of them and his lips kissing the back of James' neck. 

I just. I need them and I need to not have to write them for myself tbh. 


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