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What are you without them?

You thought you'd never have to find out.

Daniela Andrade Crazy
Pete Yorn Lose You
Elbow Red
Green Day/Oasis/Aerosmith Boulevard of Broken Dreams/Wonderwall/Dream On
The Bravery Believe
Linkin' Park Burning in the Skies
Hudson Taylor Battles
Elbow The Bones of You
Daughter Youth
Explode 16 Thunderstorm
I've been shellshocked over Black Sails since the second last episode aired, which is why I haven't really talked about it since the last post. I need to completely readjust my mentality watching this show, because I'm sitting over here cheering for all my faves to get happily ever afters (fuck Charles Vane I want Eleanor to have her hot lesbian girlfriend back :() and the show is, like, aaaaaaaaaaaaall the way over there where if something can go wrong, it will. These two things do not go together and I'm setting myself up for disappointment by hoping for things will ever go well. 

Oh God though, Miranda. I did like her last season, but she was so mysterious that she almost felt flat. As soon as the flashbacks to her and Flint's past began, I started falling in love with her. She was my favourite by the end of this season, I loved her so much. They foreshadowed her death earlier that episode and I still didn't suspect they'd go for it. Even if I'm super gutted about it, I loved that Miranda was the one with the real fire of vengeance. Not that Flint doesn't, especially considering the retaliation for Miranda's death, but I really enjoy that Miranda wasn't a force of good trying to temper him and quell his desire to avenge Thomas. She was as angry and bitter and heartbroken as him and wanted to lash out just as much. 

I'm still quietly rooting for Thomas to be alive after all <S>NO BODY. IF THERE'S NO BODY, THEY AREN'T DEAD</S> because, fuck, Flint needs somebody. But I'm kinda torn about it now that Miranda's been fridged for Flint's character development. Like, I understand why they killed her and how it works for the narrative, but I'm so sick of female characters dying because it gives men sad feelings. He had enough sad feelings! He had a SURPLUS of sad feelings! And if Thomas is alive after all and Miranda doesn't get to see it?? Oh noooooo. No. No I will cry. 
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