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2015-05-05 07:11 pm

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My involvement in the Hannibal/Scipio discussion on meme (this is entirely for my own reference, because I'm sure I'll lose all of these links for good if I don't make a record of them):










Also sorry I've been a bit slow on replies these last couple days! If you haven't heard back from me, I promise I haven't forgotten about you. I had a hectic, exhausting weekend of work and it's taking me a while to get back into the swing of things. 
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2015-04-29 09:05 pm

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I've started watching Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries with my Mum recently. She's been complaining about not having any hobbies and, until the sister and I organise her Mother's Day gift (we want to do an art/cooking/dance class of some kind as a group), I thought it'd be nice to find a new show to keep up with together.

It's been a while since I watched an Australian series, coz we haven't had access to free-to-air telly for...oof a couple years now, but I'm being reminded of a lot of the issues that I have with it. Miss Fisher's has such a cool concept; it's historical crime, set in 1920s Melbourne, which I love. I'm writing a script for an Australian historical crime series, this is a thing I am interested in. But the execution is lacking. The acting is mostly pretty mediocre, the storylines are too ambitious and end up ridiculously busy, and they often don't provide enough cues for you to follow Phryne's mental leaps as she makes them (which is the one thing I like about BBC Sherlock--they use on-screen text to physically show you Sherlock's inferences about what he's seeing). I do enjoy how subtle they tend to be about the clues that they through in, so you can follow along if you're really paying attention but miss them if you aren't. I don't really enjoy watching crime "mysteries" where I've figured out how the murderer is before the detective has.

I love Phryne and Dot's early friendship in the first episode and god do i ship it where's the fic :( and I was so curious about how Dot's issues with technology would affect her work for (and relationship with) Phryne. So I was disappointed to realise that both got brushed aside for a romantic subplot between Dot and Constable Collins. Phryne and Dot don't talk unless it's case-related or for Phryne to tease Dot about Collins! I was really looking forward to seeing that friendship develop and I couldn't care less about Dot's relationship with Collins. It's so formulaic for Australian TV )
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2015-04-27 12:55 pm

Fanmix: "What are you without them?" (James/Thomas/Miranda)

What are you without them?

You thought you'd never have to find out.

Daniela Andrade Crazy
Pete Yorn Lose You
Elbow Red
Green Day/Oasis/Aerosmith Boulevard of Broken Dreams/Wonderwall/Dream On
The Bravery Believe
Linkin' Park Burning in the Skies
Hudson Taylor Battles
Elbow The Bones of You
Daughter Youth
Explode 16 Thunderstorm
I've been shellshocked over Black Sails since the second last episode aired, which is why I haven't really talked about it since the last post. )
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2015-04-24 08:50 pm

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idk what's going on lately, but it feels like things have really been going my way these last couple weeks.

cut for RL talk )

I'm also working on fanfic again (it's been so long, I missed this). Still in that Renaissance AU. I told [personal profile] dhampyresa I wanted to write a 5 Things fic (Scipio drawing Hannibal) and idk I know what I'm like so I kinda expected that I would've given up at the first sign of difficulty and have abandoned it by now. But. BUT. I've just finished the first section, have an idea of the second and have written the beginnings of the third.

I'm super proud of myself, basically, so I'm sharing a little snippet of the first section (set in 1549, when Scipio is 18 or 19):

“Do you do me justice, Scipio?” Hannibal asks as Scipio sketches out the shape of his biceps, his forearms, his hands. He does not turn his head, but he catches Scipio’s eye with a sideways glance.

“I confess,” Scipio laments, “that I do not believe I do.”

What there is of the drawing is not unacceptable. Perhaps for another, it might even be considered fine, but he and Hannibal both hold him to higher standards than this. By his hand, it is middling at best and a poor likeness for its subject.

Figuring out the dialogue really threw me at first. I wrote the first 300 or so words as narrative, which came relatively easily, and then got to the bit where I needed to write Hannibal's first line up there and promptly freaked out that I didn't know how to write them saying things. I've kinda ended up just trying to capture an old sounding style of dialogue and hoping that I'm being vaguely accurate in terms of characterisation.

Renaissance AU of ancient history RPF was a very ambitious life choice. Especially considering neither of these things are anywhere near my area of expertise. This afternoon, I spent twenty minutes reading up on what kind of pants men wore in 16th Century Italy just so I could say Scipio had a boner in just the way I wanted to. 
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2015-04-20 08:27 pm

Notes on the H/S Renaissance AU

I got a bit excited about that oil painting filter thing that I used for that last post, so uh have some notes/a timeline and a bit more of artist!Scipio's masterpieces? For a given definition of masterpieces, since I'm mostly taking screencaps from Hannibal: Rome's Worst Nightmare (which is a v interesting docudrama FYI) and manipulating them a lil.

I've been thinking a lot about this AU for the last few days, trying to figure out how exactly it would all work. My research into Renaissance artists tells me the age to begin an apprenticeship is around 10-12 (it's unusual, but not unheard of for it to begin earlier). Depending on the city, the length of apprenticeships is generally 2-3 years and they work up from menial duties & sketching to helping with backgrounds/minor figures in their masters' paintings & painting their own works. Once they complete the apprenticeship, they become a journeyman, who I gathered kinda just wanders around looking for inspiration to paint a masterpiece, which they would then submit to a board of some sort that decided whether they were good enough to be a master (& therefore get to have their own workshop).

So, from that, I decided that Scipio was 10 when he became apprenticed to Hannibal and... )
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2015-04-20 11:42 am

Fanfiction: "Newly Discovered Sketchbooks of Publius Scipio..." (Hannibal/Scipio)

Newly Discovered Sketchbooks of Publius Scipio to End Long-Standing Mystery
Hannibal Barca/Scipio Africanus | Ancient History RPF | G | ~500 words | AO3 link
In which Scipio is a famous Renaissance painter most famous for his portraits of his former master Hannibal. Who he was banging. Obviously.

So much love to the Hannibal/Scipio nonny on FFA who got me excited about these two <3

I am super new to Hannibal/Scipio and know next to nothing about the Renaissance period & art history, so please excuse any factual errors. (Although feel free to educate me! I will enjoy it & be very grateful, I promise!) On account of, yknow, Scipio not doing anything to earn "Africanus" in this 'verse & my unfamiliarity with Renaissance Italian naming conventions, I decided that the easiest thing to do was leave him as PCS II. Oh, and I've added a series tag because I'm hoping to write a proper AU, but we'll see how I go with that, I guess.

The "oil painting" is a manip of this image, because Alexander Siddig is forever my Hannibal. I couldn't have made it without this Photoshop tutorial.

Sketchbooks claimed to be those of Renaissance painter Scipio have been sent for authentication by experts at the Louvre )
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2015-02-27 04:17 pm

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I just starting watching (and caught up to) Black Sails....possibly in the previous 24 hours....and I have so many feelings about this show omg. Like, canonically queer characters! Actually historically accurate racial diversity! Flawless ladies! Who speak to each other! Polyamorous relationships! And all of this in a period drama about pirates.

I'm gonn be all about this show for a while. 

Especially this fucking kiss holy shit )

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2015-02-19 04:43 pm

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I was trawling through my old Tumblr posts this afternoon and holy fuck look at the Holmes and Watson recast I've always wanted (dude in foreground is defs Holmes, few more images at source). For real, imagine them in Victorian era costume, they would be perfect.

Victorian racebent Holmes & Watson interests me so much more than all the modern AUs we've been getting lately. I mean, I love Elementary, Elementary actually understands who Holmes is & Lucy Lui's Watson is fab as hell, Elementary can stay. But can we just replace BBC Sherlock with this?

It'd be fascinating to see how Holmes' life and experiences would change, especially considering theories around Social Darwinism and eugenics were taking off around the time the books are set. How would the ways he established himself in his field and the time it took to do it change when he doesn't have the advantage of whiteness? The early years of setting himself up as a detective would have been so rough, man. Like, he's from a fairly wealthy family, which would soften the blow a little, but how many clients would he really be able to get early on? How many of them would even believe the extraordinary observations he makes about them, and how many would find a way to write him off as having cheated somehow or happened to be right through guesswork and luck?

How many times did he have clients who forced confidentiality onto him, not because of the delicacy of the case, but because they didn't want it known they went to him for help? And what's the bet Watson's stories were almost not published at all because the newspaper was so reluctant to associate with him?

I know there's a modern AU comic with black Holmes & Watson (which I was sure I had in my safekeeping tag on Tumblr, but fuck apparently need to find it again) but this too. I need this too.
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2015-02-19 10:13 am

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You know, I was thinking about Everything is Illuminated again today & how weird it is to me that Alexander Perchov is so rarely read as queer. I mean, I know it probably comes down to being queer myself and in fandom, but every time I pick up the book I get baffled all over again that so few people even questioned it? That it never came up in interviews with Safran Foer or has really received any attention elsewhere?

Someone on the TVTropes page labels him as ambiguously gay, but the only examples they give are 1) that he reveals that he lies to his family about going clubbing (he actually goes to the beach alone) and meeting women (all fictional), and 2) that he questions Jonathan about America and asks if there are homosexual accountants there.

warning: spoilers of major plot points, slurs )
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2015-02-18 08:04 pm
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Fanfiction: "fascinating new thing (you delight me)" (Derek/Stiles)

fascinating new thing (you delight me)
Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski | Teen Wolf | teen+ | ~900 words | AO3 link
“Did you really eat a live duck?”
Derek bares his teeth, a smirk teasing the corners of his mouth, and asks, “Are you sure you want to know?”

I blame Tumblr, and the 10 things au that exists. I posted most of this there on my account and, uh, this version mostly just adds some tragic to the end to complete it.

"That guy? I heard he ate a live duck once."
"Everything but the beak and the feet. Clearly he’s a solid investment."

“Did you really eat a live duck?” )
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2015-02-18 05:36 pm
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Fanmix: "Renew" (Duke/Nathan)


Navigating living in the same small town as the ex you're definitely still in love with: a guide to fixing what once was broken

(Sorta a sequel mix to It's Easy to Fall in Love)

Alex Lloyd Black the Sun
Old Man Canyon The Road
Allie Moss Dig With Me
Milky Chance Stolen Dance
Coldplay Fix You
Mumford & Sons
After the Storm
Grizfolk Waiting for You
Vance Joy
Mess is Mine
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2015-02-18 02:28 pm

Fanfiction: "like running with a blindfold" (Duke/Nathan)

like running with a blindfold
Duke Crocker/Nathan Wuornos | Haven | teen+ | ~700 words | AO3 link
Dru tries not to mess with him, she does, but Nathan’s temper always brings out the worst in her. She can never quite help the smirk that curls her lips upward or the tease that turns her tone flirtingly mean. “Nathan,” she acknowledges, with a little tip of her trucker cap. “I came back for the funeral.” 

This was a rough fic to post as abandoned, because I want to finish it SO BADLY. I might eventually come back to it, but I need to let it go for now & having it sitting in my wip folder is so distracting.

I messed with the canon timeline a little I think. Or, at least, I didn't bother to check when Simon Crocker died and I'm sure he died long before Duke/Dru and Nathan's fight. (...Though tbh what I've read more recently says canon doesn't even know when Simon Crocker died so who fucking knows)

Title comes from "Tightrope" by Illy, which obviously reminds me of Duke/Nathan quite a lot

Dru rolls back into town on a clear Wednesday morning. )
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2015-02-18 11:39 am

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I kinda feel like being on Tumblr has made me forget how to blog properly? Like, it's so easy to just reblog everyone else's content that I got lazy about producing my own. And, I mean, then  Iaccidentally ended up with too many mutuals who were from my real life & don't understand fandom/shipping at all, which made it awkward to be myself bout fandom stuff. So pretty much i'm going back through my old posts on LJ and Tumblr because one is all locked up & the other is a fucking mess and I can't find anything on it, and I'm moving the stuff I still like here. It's kinda helping me recalibrate I think? 

But yeah, this is a roundabout way of saying that I just found a really old inception headcanon from, like, Feb of 2011 and it was flawless ok it was perfect.

So Garth Nix wrote this excellent 7 book series called Keys to the Kingdom. I've only met one other person who's read it and also seen Inception, but look. It's essentially set on a vaguely futuristic earth with superior medical treatments which could feasibly be a universe where dreamsharing could be developing/developed.

And the main character is this boy called Arthur Penhaligon.

Arthur P is baby Arthur.

[And ok huge spoilers for the KttK series from here on out] )
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2015-02-16 10:08 am
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we’re staring at the sun
oh my own voice
cannot save me now
standing in the sea
it’s just one more breath
and then I’ll go down

Oh oh, wait, I want to talk about this moment a bit too. Because I think, in this moment, Duke and Nathan could have reconciled. Nathan faced Duke's mortality for the first time and he realised that, no matter what he might say, no matter what he might try to convince himself of, he didn't want Duke to die.

He knows that Audrey went to tell Duke about the baby and he knows Duke is probably reeling from that and from his almost-death and, for the first time in years (months??? Haven's timeline is baffling), he goes to Duke because he's scared and he's worried and because he loves Duke. And Duke chooses to push him away instead.

Look at the middle row of photos! Look at how much pain is in Duke's expression when he sees Nathan outside. Look at how he steels himself to do it. You can see the exact moment he makes the decision not to let Nathan back in.

I don't think that's because he doesn't want them to reconcile, because it clearly hurts him to do it and it hurts how easily Nathan lets himself be pushed. I think he is feeling too bruised and hurt and raw to hide how deeply this has effected him, and Duke operates with a mask. He hates the idea of Nathan seeing him so clearly. I think he doesn't want Nathan coming to him out of pity now and then regretting it later. And part of it is also that he's still just as angry at Nathan as Nathan is at him.
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2015-02-15 11:17 pm

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Sometimes I think about the fact that Nathan held Duke's daughter who he will never get to hold himself. do u ever cry

And then I think about the kidfic alternative that starts with Audrey being right. Where, in fact, Jean being held by her father renews him and saves them both. Where they can't be separated at all for months, because every time it weakens Duke all over again. Where Duke gets to keep the baby he never knew he always wanted.

Duke’s pale and sickly again when Nathan finally manages to get further than the patch of grass outside the hospital entrance. Jean is in one of the hospital cribs, so close that Duke can comfortably lie with an arm hanging off his bed so she can grip one of his fingers.

Nathan stops in the doorway, awkward. He doesn’t—he shouldn’t have come. He tried not to, but he’s not used to Duke hurt, not when isn’t Nathan who put the cuts and bruises on his skin.

“They tried to take her away,” Duke says. His mouth twitches into a half-hearted, deprecating smile. Nathan stares at the tiny hand clasping Duke’s left thumb with baby tenacity so he doesn’t have to look at Duke, at the strands of silver by Duke’s temples, at the surprised softness that keeps creeping into the way Duke looks at him.

Nathan’s not used to that anymore, doesn’t know what to do with Duke when he’s not teasing or taunting or smirking his way out of trouble, so it’s easier to look away and pretend nothing’s changed.

Everything is though. Changing. Ever since Audrey arrived.

It’s been years since the last time Nathan was able to look at Duke without resentment and hurt clouding his vision; now though, surrounded by beeping medical equipment and whitewashed walls, and increasingly since Audrey arrived, he’s struggling to ignore the concern-fear-relief that curl around his mind like soft white lining around the edges of a steel grey sky.

“Audrey thinks she’s keeping me alive,” Duke says.

Duke had never wanted kids, back when they were friends, and he was never good with (enamoured by) them the way Nathan is, but he says, soft, thoughtful, “I would have kept her anyway.”

Nathan doesn’t know Duke as well as he used to.

And no matter how much Duke wants to keep Jean, he doesn't know what to do with her. And he tries to move her onto the boat with him. And Nathan is just disgusted by it, but the only options are in a boat or above a bar, and he cannot have that.

So he clears out his old study that's more of a tornado of papers than anything and fills it up with baby things and moves Duke and Jean in with him, because Duke and Audrey are just as bad as each other.

After a day, Duke calls him the baby whisperer. After a week, he stares at Nathan rocking Jean to sleep and says avidly, “Can I keep you?”

There’s a warm, coiling sexuality to it, the way there always is with Duke, and it makes Nathan press his lips together irritably because Duke could have kept him years ago if he’d wanted to. He obviously hadn’t.

But then the intimacy of suddenly living with his ex again, the one he is still desperately in love with despite everything that's happened, and of raising this little girl together like a family is just too much, and he has started to fall in love with Audrey besides and is so confused about everything and it is the worst. 

And then idk ot3 babyrearing & everything is sunshine.

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2015-02-15 11:05 pm

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I've seen people talking about the last screenshot on Tumblr a bit, but I’m almost at the end of a marathon of LoK and i was surprised at how often (and how early on) Korra is associated with the bi colours. The rest of the pics are just a few examples from Book 2 (from Beginnings & A New Spiritual Age respectively), but there are so many more. Every part of animation is painstakingly crafted, and this happens too frequently to be anything but deliberate.

It's particularly noticeable when you compare the colouring of LoK to that of AtLA. LoK is specifically, repeatedly emphasising a colour palette that isn't used in the same way or degree in AtLA. which means it is meaningful to Korra, not to the Avatar universe. 
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2015-02-15 11:00 pm

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they cannot feel the same
(cos they don’t have it)
so i prefer two flavours
rather than just one
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2015-02-15 10:58 pm
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People saying that women’s teams couldn’t beat men’s teams pisses me off so much. Not because it’s necessarily untrue (a high level USA women’s team has played against a men’s college (?) team and lost, if I’m remembering correctly) but because the resources available to men’s hockey are SUBSTANTIALLY greater. Particularly as you go further up the chain. Compare the men's & women's Olympic teams (for America/Canada, since I don't really known about the state of women’s hockey in other countries).

The men are, generally, already playing full seasons of professional hockey. They are paid highly to do it (no other job required = more time to play), they have trainers and coaches for every facet of their game/fitness, their equipment is free whether it’s coming from the organisation they play for or a company that is sponsoring them. They have every possible resource they could need to reach their peak skill level.

The women’s teams though, if they’re even playing pro hockey, are unpaid. They are studying and/or working full time in addition to playing. They have limited resources, the best coaches/trainers are likely to get snapped up by men’s teams who can afford to pay them more, and the cost of what equipment they have is much more likely to come out of their own pockets.

Like, if men outplay women it has NOTHING to do with the intrinsic level of competency that can be attributed them as men/women. No. It has to do with the opportunities afforded to men to improve their skill that are NOT afforded to women.

(ie. I have a lot of feelings about women playing hockey.)