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idk what's going on lately, but it feels like things have really been going my way these last couple weeks.

cut for RL talk )

I'm also working on fanfic again (it's been so long, I missed this). Still in that Renaissance AU. I told [personal profile] dhampyresa I wanted to write a 5 Things fic (Scipio drawing Hannibal) and idk I know what I'm like so I kinda expected that I would've given up at the first sign of difficulty and have abandoned it by now. But. BUT. I've just finished the first section, have an idea of the second and have written the beginnings of the third.

I'm super proud of myself, basically, so I'm sharing a little snippet of the first section (set in 1549, when Scipio is 18 or 19):

“Do you do me justice, Scipio?” Hannibal asks as Scipio sketches out the shape of his biceps, his forearms, his hands. He does not turn his head, but he catches Scipio’s eye with a sideways glance.

“I confess,” Scipio laments, “that I do not believe I do.”

What there is of the drawing is not unacceptable. Perhaps for another, it might even be considered fine, but he and Hannibal both hold him to higher standards than this. By his hand, it is middling at best and a poor likeness for its subject.

Figuring out the dialogue really threw me at first. I wrote the first 300 or so words as narrative, which came relatively easily, and then got to the bit where I needed to write Hannibal's first line up there and promptly freaked out that I didn't know how to write them saying things. I've kinda ended up just trying to capture an old sounding style of dialogue and hoping that I'm being vaguely accurate in terms of characterisation.

Renaissance AU of ancient history RPF was a very ambitious life choice. Especially considering neither of these things are anywhere near my area of expertise. This afternoon, I spent twenty minutes reading up on what kind of pants men wore in 16th Century Italy just so I could say Scipio had a boner in just the way I wanted to. 
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Watch Our Bed Burn

Angela/Nanette, because why not ship the adult versions of characters from your childhood. Why not. It doesn't feel weird at all.

DEV Take Her From You
Florence and the Machine Kiss with a Fist
The Distillers Dismantle Me
Letters to Cleo I Want You to Want Me
Ludo Love Me Dead
Joan Jett I Hate Myself for Loving You
The Coral Dreaming of You
Ida Maria I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked
Anarbor I Hate You So Much

I'm pretty sure I shipped Angela & Nanette before Ii even knew what shipping was.i can remember watching angela anaconda as a kid and )


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