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I just starting watching (and caught up to) Black Sails....possibly in the previous 24 hours....and I have so many feelings about this show omg. Like, canonically queer characters! Actually historically accurate racial diversity! Flawless ladies! Who speak to each other! Polyamorous relationships! And all of this in a period drama about pirates.

I'm gonn be all about this show for a while. 

Especially this fucking kiss holy shit )

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Sometimes I think about the fact that Nathan held Duke's daughter who he will never get to hold himself. do u ever cry

And then I think about the kidfic alternative that starts with Audrey being right. Where, in fact, Jean being held by her father renews him and saves them both. Where they can't be separated at all for months, because every time it weakens Duke all over again. Where Duke gets to keep the baby he never knew he always wanted.

Duke’s pale and sickly again when Nathan finally manages to get further than the patch of grass outside the hospital entrance. Jean is in one of the hospital cribs, so close that Duke can comfortably lie with an arm hanging off his bed so she can grip one of his fingers.

Nathan stops in the doorway, awkward. He doesn’t—he shouldn’t have come. He tried not to, but he’s not used to Duke hurt, not when isn’t Nathan who put the cuts and bruises on his skin.

“They tried to take her away,” Duke says. His mouth twitches into a half-hearted, deprecating smile. Nathan stares at the tiny hand clasping Duke’s left thumb with baby tenacity so he doesn’t have to look at Duke, at the strands of silver by Duke’s temples, at the surprised softness that keeps creeping into the way Duke looks at him.

Nathan’s not used to that anymore, doesn’t know what to do with Duke when he’s not teasing or taunting or smirking his way out of trouble, so it’s easier to look away and pretend nothing’s changed.

Everything is though. Changing. Ever since Audrey arrived.

It’s been years since the last time Nathan was able to look at Duke without resentment and hurt clouding his vision; now though, surrounded by beeping medical equipment and whitewashed walls, and increasingly since Audrey arrived, he’s struggling to ignore the concern-fear-relief that curl around his mind like soft white lining around the edges of a steel grey sky.

“Audrey thinks she’s keeping me alive,” Duke says.

Duke had never wanted kids, back when they were friends, and he was never good with (enamoured by) them the way Nathan is, but he says, soft, thoughtful, “I would have kept her anyway.”

Nathan doesn’t know Duke as well as he used to.

And no matter how much Duke wants to keep Jean, he doesn't know what to do with her. And he tries to move her onto the boat with him. And Nathan is just disgusted by it, but the only options are in a boat or above a bar, and he cannot have that.

So he clears out his old study that's more of a tornado of papers than anything and fills it up with baby things and moves Duke and Jean in with him, because Duke and Audrey are just as bad as each other.

After a day, Duke calls him the baby whisperer. After a week, he stares at Nathan rocking Jean to sleep and says avidly, “Can I keep you?”

There’s a warm, coiling sexuality to it, the way there always is with Duke, and it makes Nathan press his lips together irritably because Duke could have kept him years ago if he’d wanted to. He obviously hadn’t.

But then the intimacy of suddenly living with his ex again, the one he is still desperately in love with despite everything that's happened, and of raising this little girl together like a family is just too much, and he has started to fall in love with Audrey besides and is so confused about everything and it is the worst. 

And then idk ot3 babyrearing & everything is sunshine.

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Honestly, I don't see Derek as a Slytherin at all. I mean, obviously it's down to individual interpretation, but I don't see him as particularly ambitious or cunning, or as particularly valuing those traits. I do kind of see the "means to an end" thing, but honestly, Scott is much more capable of that than Derek is. I personally prefer Gryffindor!Derek, but I could see him as a Hufflepuff. He does value family & loyalty quite a lot, but he also has a tendency to recklessly throw himself into things and he is incredibly, stubbornly brave. I don't just mean that as him getting himself into situations that are clearly over his head, or throwing himself under a bus to protect someone else. I mean, also, the things he has been through and kept going. He goes through endless hell and yet, every day he gets up and he keeps going, keeps pushing, keeps fighting.

I think the Sorting Hat would be torn between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff for Derek. I think it would sit there, debating with itself where he would fit better, where he would really grow. And, meanwhile, Derek sits there desperately hoping he ends up in Slytherin, oh please please, because his family is a proud Slytherin family, every single one of them through every generation has been in Slytherin, and here is little eleven year old Derek sitting here with the Hat telling him no. (Laura would tease him so much over it, and he'd develop such a complex.)

Oooh, i have a thing for this--

The Hales have been Slytherins for generations, for as long as anyone can remember. Until the Sorting Hat droops over Derek’s eyes and whispers, Not for you. No … no, certainly not.

“What?” Derek asks, horrified, and, “No, wait,” and, “Please, I want—”

The Hat hums thoughtfully and says, You could never be great there.

“It doesn’t matter, I don’t need—I don’t want—”

Precisely my point, Mr. Hale, says the Hat. “GRYFFINDOR.”
--Speaking of proud house families: Allison, a Gryffindor from a long line of Gryffindors. I am about that.

The only ones I really see (from the season 1 cast) as Slytherins are Peter, Lydia, and Jackson. And obviously Lydia would be great in Ravenclaw, but I think she places more value in the ways that she can apply her knowledge and the greatness she could achieve than she does in the actual having of it. And, really, I think Lydia really likes having people underestimate her. She likes having that element of surprise, and I think she'd end up resenting having people know how smart she is just by looking at her robes or hearing her Hogwarts house.

Scott, I generally think of as a Gryffindor, but now that I've thought of it, I do see a little Slytherin in him as well. He does have that ruthless streak, that "means to an end" thing I mentioned. Stiles, otoh, I see a lot of people place in Slytherin and I disagree. I mean, I do vaguely understand why, but I think his Hufflepuff traits outstrip his Slytherin ones. He works hard, he loves fiercely, and his loyalty is unwavering. If you're in his circle, there is nothing he wouldn't do for you. And, when it comes down to it, if you're not in his circle, there's nothing he wouldn't do to you. So, yes, he's ruthless, but the circumstances always come from a place of traits that are, at their heart, Hufflepuff. I think people don't put him in Hufflepuff because they see it as a house of total cooperation, where everyone is friends and there's no hierarchy, no cliques, everything is sweetness and light. I think people forget that you don't need to be particularly kind to be a Hufflepuff (remember Zacharias Smith?).

And, besides, I have a weirdly large amount of headcanon figured out for a Hogwarts AU I have no intention of writing.

So, ok, Scott (half-blood, but he's always lived with Melissa who's a Muggle) and Stiles (100% Muggleborn) meet on the train and end up sorted into Gryffindor & Hufflepuff respectively. Stiles isn't letting no arbitrary sleeping arrangement lose him a friend though, so he just spends most of his time hanging out in the Gryffindor common room with Scott.

Wait, here--

Stiles meets Scott on the Hogwarts Express and they are instant best friends. He can see the disappointment in Scott’s open face from the Gryffindor table when the Hat sorts him into Hufflepuff, but he’s not taking this separatist bullshit. Stiles doesn’t make friends, especially not this easily, and he is not losing this one because they sleep on different floors of a castle at night. Which. A castle, this is so awesome.

He troops over to the Gryffindor table during the meal, getting side-eyed pretty hard by basically everyone who bothers to notice him, and whacks Scott on the shoulder.

“Dude, we’re meeting for breakfast tomorrow,” Stiles tells him, and Scott’s face, which had been doing a painfully adorable sad-puppy thing, clears like the sun coming out.

He flat-out beams, and Stiles—okay, Stiles has never been a popular kid. He’s always been a bit of a dork and he runs his mouth too much, so he kind of gets it. Sometimes he wishes he could avoid himself too.

But Scott actually likes him, for some inexplicable reason. And, yeah, this guy is gonna be Stiles’ best friend for life; he can feel it.
--Derek's a few years above them and spends all his free time scowling at Stiles across the common room, because he is trying to STUDY ok and Stiles isn't even a GRYFFINDOR, he should be here at all. He's still a werewolf though, a lot of the Hales are (maybe they were all attacked by Werewolves during the war in the 90s idk). But Wolfsbane potion is a thing and they're allowed to attend Hogwarts anyway. And, actually, you know what, Scott is a werewolf too. He got bitten during the summer after first year and totally freaked out that he wouldn't be allowed to go to school after all, but everything ends up fine. And then he's scared that Stiles won't wanna be his friend if he knows, but eventually figures that shit out, hits him a bunch of times for never telling him, makes a bunch of dog jokes, and then carries on as normal.

Oh, hold up I have something for this too--

It all clicks about five months into fourth year: the shiftiness, the avoidance, the monthly disappearances, the sudden improvement at Quidditch and the way Derek seems to be lurking around every corner. It clicks into place, forms a big, neon sign that screams WEREWOLVES, and, okay, if Stiles was a worse person he would punch Scott in the head.

He does kind of punch him a bit and he does call Scott a lot of names, but he also tells Scott he’s the stupidest person alive for thinking this would change their friendship at all and the way Scott’s face lights up reminds Stiles of the day they met. Scott has a smile like fucking sunshine and it’s so unfair that it just melts Stiles’ temper away at times like this. He’d really like to get to stay mad at Scott for the shit he pulls every once in a while.

“And this is why you’re suddenly all cosy with Hale!” Stiles crows, slapping Scott’s arm. “Oh my god, I was right! He’s a werewolf!”

“You thought he was a vampire,” Scott says, confused and a little hangdog, like he thinks he’ll be in trouble for Stiles figuring it out—and, wow, dog jokes just got so much funnier.

“He’s still a creature of the night,” Stiles says, dismissive. And then, “No offence?” because he isn’t sure what counts as an insult, really, to a werewolf.
--And so this is how Stiles actually ends up in the same social circle as Derek Hale, who he may or may not have been secretly mooning over as badly as Scott has been for Allison. But Derek is in seventh year while they're in fourth, so nothing happens while they're still at school. It isn't until after Scott and Stiles graduate, and suddenly Stiles is seeing Derek around again and he is even more beautiful than ever and has actually started treating Stiles like an adult instead of the brat hanger-on of the dumb new werewolf he's been tasked with mentoring and Stiles doesn't even know what to do with this??? 
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Royal AU . Derek is a weirdly intense prince who can only smile properly for the cameras through sheer force of will and Stiles is a dorky senior in high school who’s been crushing on him from a distance for years. They meet and, by some minor miracle, despite Derek being sort of a dick and Stiles being sort of a mess, turn out to be sort of perfect for each other. But can their fledgling romance withstand paparazzi, friends, family, royalty, college applications, the atlantic ocean, chem teachers from hell, and the several thousand other tests the universe seems determined to throw their way?
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I wrote Transfer Your Tragedy a while back, but I can’t get the idea of the story behind that one scene out of my head tonight.

Human AU. Derek and Stiles form an unlikely partnership to bring down criminal mastermind/psychopath, Kate Argent, who murdered Derek’s family when he was a teenager. so... pretty much canon but without werewolves.

“Give it up, Stiles,” Derek says. He droops against the tiled wall and sighs. “He’s probably long gone with every scrap of evidence we had.”

“We can get it all again! We can get more and we can hide it better this time,” Stiles promises. “We’ll get her. We will.”

Stiles crouches in front of Derek and sticks out his hand. “Derek,” he says, very seriously, “take my pinky.”

Derek’s eyebrows lift comically high. “Stiles,” he says, very seriously, “what the fuck are you doing?”

Stiles just shakes his hand, pinky finger outstretched into Derek’s personal space, until Derek grudgingly curls his own pinky around it.

“A pinky promise is an unbreakable vow, Derek,” Stiles tells him. “We are going to catch Kate Argent and we are going to make her pay. Okay?”

Derek still looks sceptical and beaten, but his mouth quirks into that not-smile that always makes his eyes look unfathomably green. “Okay,” he says.
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Haven AU

FBI agent Derek Hale knows that the supernatural is best left to the childhood he never really got to have, but when he arrives in Haven on a routine case he discovers that he has to believe the unbelievable to catch the killer of an escaped felon. Stiles Stilinski, a chatty, overenthusiastic reporter with an intense fascination in what he’s named “the troubles” and a newspaper he runs single-handedly, adopts Derek (despite his fierce protestations) after discovering an article written by his predecessors with a photo of a man who looks shockingly like Derek’s father, who he resembles closely.

Stiles and he once best friend Scott McCall have drifted apart since high school, but when Scott meets Allison, he falls so fast and so hard that it triggers the return of his trouble; a spike in his heart rate causes him to shape shift and he can’t be around her without transforming into a wolf-like monster. Scott goes to Stiles, who’d had his back during the last troubles when they were eight, for help and their friendship is rekindled—but so are the problems that had caused them to separate to start with.

After the case is closed, Derek decides to take the personal time he never uses to stay in Haven and figure out what connection his family has to the town. Haven is a close-lipped town and unwilling to share the secrets surrounding the mystery of the Colorado Kid murder and the photograph, but Derek does find out that the man pictured went by the name Lucas Ripley, and that, stranger still, he and Derek may be one-and-the-same person and his memories of the loving family he lost are a lie. Derek is destined to help the afflicted of Haven, but he needs Stiles, his connections and his lively intelligence to get anywhere with the reticent townspeople.

For all his willingness to help, Stiles is keeping something huge a secret: he’s the boy with Lucas in the photo and that whole day is a blank in his memory.

“Are you really surprised no one’s willing to talk to you about your maybe-dad?”

“What do you mean?”

“Derek, seriously? Look at you! Who’d open up to a guy who looks like he’s two seconds from stabbing you in the face?”


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