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I just starting watching (and caught up to) Black Sails....possibly in the previous 24 hours....and I have so many feelings about this show omg. Like, canonically queer characters! Actually historically accurate racial diversity! Flawless ladies! Who speak to each other! Polyamorous relationships! And all of this in a period drama about pirates.

I'm gonn be all about this show for a while. 

Especially this fucking kiss holy shit )

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You know, I was thinking about Everything is Illuminated again today & how weird it is to me that Alexander Perchov is so rarely read as queer. I mean, I know it probably comes down to being queer myself and in fandom, but every time I pick up the book I get baffled all over again that so few people even questioned it? That it never came up in interviews with Safran Foer or has really received any attention elsewhere?

Someone on the TVTropes page labels him as ambiguously gay, but the only examples they give are 1) that he reveals that he lies to his family about going clubbing (he actually goes to the beach alone) and meeting women (all fictional), and 2) that he questions Jonathan about America and asks if there are homosexual accountants there.

warning: spoilers of major plot points, slurs )
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we’re staring at the sun
oh my own voice
cannot save me now
standing in the sea
it’s just one more breath
and then I’ll go down

Oh oh, wait, I want to talk about this moment a bit too. Because I think, in this moment, Duke and Nathan could have reconciled. Nathan faced Duke's mortality for the first time and he realised that, no matter what he might say, no matter what he might try to convince himself of, he didn't want Duke to die.

He knows that Audrey went to tell Duke about the baby and he knows Duke is probably reeling from that and from his almost-death and, for the first time in years (months??? Haven's timeline is baffling), he goes to Duke because he's scared and he's worried and because he loves Duke. And Duke chooses to push him away instead.

Look at the middle row of photos! Look at how much pain is in Duke's expression when he sees Nathan outside. Look at how he steels himself to do it. You can see the exact moment he makes the decision not to let Nathan back in.

I don't think that's because he doesn't want them to reconcile, because it clearly hurts him to do it and it hurts how easily Nathan lets himself be pushed. I think he is feeling too bruised and hurt and raw to hide how deeply this has effected him, and Duke operates with a mask. He hates the idea of Nathan seeing him so clearly. I think he doesn't want Nathan coming to him out of pity now and then regretting it later. And part of it is also that he's still just as angry at Nathan as Nathan is at him.
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I've seen people talking about the last screenshot on Tumblr a bit, but I’m almost at the end of a marathon of LoK and i was surprised at how often (and how early on) Korra is associated with the bi colours. The rest of the pics are just a few examples from Book 2 (from Beginnings & A New Spiritual Age respectively), but there are so many more. Every part of animation is painstakingly crafted, and this happens too frequently to be anything but deliberate.

It's particularly noticeable when you compare the colouring of LoK to that of AtLA. LoK is specifically, repeatedly emphasising a colour palette that isn't used in the same way or degree in AtLA. which means it is meaningful to Korra, not to the Avatar universe. 
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People saying that women’s teams couldn’t beat men’s teams pisses me off so much. Not because it’s necessarily untrue (a high level USA women’s team has played against a men’s college (?) team and lost, if I’m remembering correctly) but because the resources available to men’s hockey are SUBSTANTIALLY greater. Particularly as you go further up the chain. Compare the men's & women's Olympic teams (for America/Canada, since I don't really known about the state of women’s hockey in other countries).

The men are, generally, already playing full seasons of professional hockey. They are paid highly to do it (no other job required = more time to play), they have trainers and coaches for every facet of their game/fitness, their equipment is free whether it’s coming from the organisation they play for or a company that is sponsoring them. They have every possible resource they could need to reach their peak skill level.

The women’s teams though, if they’re even playing pro hockey, are unpaid. They are studying and/or working full time in addition to playing. They have limited resources, the best coaches/trainers are likely to get snapped up by men’s teams who can afford to pay them more, and the cost of what equipment they have is much more likely to come out of their own pockets.

Like, if men outplay women it has NOTHING to do with the intrinsic level of competency that can be attributed them as men/women. No. It has to do with the opportunities afforded to men to improve their skill that are NOT afforded to women.

(ie. I have a lot of feelings about women playing hockey.)
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you can’t hurt me, remember?

I find the way that the Troubles work so interesting. Like, Nathan's is his inability to feel, but which senses is he actually not able to use? Humans have a lot more than 5 senses, and the sensation that we call touch is distinct from pressure, temperature, pain, and itch sensors. Nathan seems to have lost touch-related external senses (his ability to feel external pressure, temperature, pain, etc), but judging from his ability to still function independently, he hasn't lost internal pressure (he wouldn't be able to feel the pressure of a full bladder).

He definitely seems to have his proprioception (ability to tell where your body parts are, relative to other body parts) and equilibrioception (ability to keep your balance and sense body movement in terms of acceleration and directional changes), but what about tension sensors? What about stretch receptors? 

I love how ironic Nathan's line, "You can't hurt me," is, because the fact that he's there, the fact that he's still so vitriolic toward Duke, the fact that he came to Duke at all when under the influence of Ray's Trouble, all point to a totally different truth. Duke can't hurt Nathan--physically--but Nathan still feels the emotional suffering of what he sees as Duke's betrayal so deeply. Nathan compensating for his trouble by finding ways to stimulate his other senses is one of my favourite things about his character, but I find most interesting the way that his emotional landscape seems to have also compensated. His emotional feelings are more intense because of his lack of physical feelings.

That is...actually not at all what I meant to write about though. I've been thinking about Ray's Trouble, and more specifically, about how it effects Nathan. Obviously, it doesn't create obsession out of nothing; it takes pre-existing obsessions and aggravates them, turns them into compulsions and then removes inhibitions. 

What i'm curious about is why Nathan's focus turned to Duke. Does Ray's Trouble use what you were stewing about at the time of being "hit" by it? Or does it use a larger, long-term issue that you have? So, did Nathan focus on Duke because he was still angry about their conversation outside the Scupper, or does he really spend that much time obsessing about Duke and the ruin of their friendship that Duke was his target?

And, ok, technically we know why Nathan might've spent that much time obsessing about it, now that we know his fight with Duke is the reason his Trouble returned. So, you know what, I can see why Nathan would go to Duke from a non-shipping perspective. I can. But! I think Nathan's dialogue when he's beating Duke up make me wonder. Nathan shouts, "The things I've done? What about the things you've done? The things you still do! To me!" 

What exactly does Nathan think Duke is still doing to him? By that episode, all we'd seen of Nathan and Duke's relationship (which, presumably, was a fairly good indication of their relationship pre-Audrey) and it mostly involved Nathan seeking Duke out and then respond magnificently to any baiting that Duke decides to partake in as retaliation. And, you know, I'm almost up to date with canon (halfway through season 4) and I still can't think of a single explanation in show for what Nathan means by this?

What else could he mean but his emotional reactions to Duke? What else could he mean but the emotional hurt that Duke caused him? And, look, if that's it, then what exactly was the nature of Nathan's feelings for Duke that he is still this affected by their falling out? 

I knew I couldn't expect to get my OT3 from canon, but I really wish Duke and Nathan were explicitly ex-boyfriends, because it just clears up so many questions I have about their relationship. 

oh & the gif was based on earlier fanart, which i'mma put here for idk science i guess )
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in disgrace with me

Imogen Heap Angel Angel
Yeah Yeah Yeahs Sacrilege
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Still Suspicion Holds You Tight
Seabird Rescue
The Offspring
(Can't Get My) Head Around You
Things We Lost in the Fire
The Fray
You Found Me
Down to Earth
Depeche Mode
Personal Jesus

And, oh, actually I have a lot of opinions about 2 of these songs so I'mma just cut the rest for anyone who doesn't care about my feels. )


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