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Newly Discovered Sketchbooks of Publius Scipio to End Long-Standing Mystery
Hannibal Barca/Scipio Africanus | Ancient History RPF | G | ~500 words | AO3 link
In which Scipio is a famous Renaissance painter most famous for his portraits of his former master Hannibal. Who he was banging. Obviously.

So much love to the Hannibal/Scipio nonny on FFA who got me excited about these two <3

I am super new to Hannibal/Scipio and know next to nothing about the Renaissance period & art history, so please excuse any factual errors. (Although feel free to educate me! I will enjoy it & be very grateful, I promise!) On account of, yknow, Scipio not doing anything to earn "Africanus" in this 'verse & my unfamiliarity with Renaissance Italian naming conventions, I decided that the easiest thing to do was leave him as PCS II. Oh, and I've added a series tag because I'm hoping to write a proper AU, but we'll see how I go with that, I guess.

The "oil painting" is a manip of this image, because Alexander Siddig is forever my Hannibal. I couldn't have made it without this Photoshop tutorial.

Sketchbooks claimed to be those of Renaissance painter Scipio have been sent for authentication by experts at the Louvre )
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fascinating new thing (you delight me)
Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski | Teen Wolf | teen+ | ~900 words | AO3 link
“Did you really eat a live duck?”
Derek bares his teeth, a smirk teasing the corners of his mouth, and asks, “Are you sure you want to know?”

I blame Tumblr, and the 10 things au that exists. I posted most of this there on my account and, uh, this version mostly just adds some tragic to the end to complete it.

"That guy? I heard he ate a live duck once."
"Everything but the beak and the feet. Clearly he’s a solid investment."

“Did you really eat a live duck?” )
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like running with a blindfold
Duke Crocker/Nathan Wuornos | Haven | teen+ | ~700 words | AO3 link
Dru tries not to mess with him, she does, but Nathan’s temper always brings out the worst in her. She can never quite help the smirk that curls her lips upward or the tease that turns her tone flirtingly mean. “Nathan,” she acknowledges, with a little tip of her trucker cap. “I came back for the funeral.” 

This was a rough fic to post as abandoned, because I want to finish it SO BADLY. I might eventually come back to it, but I need to let it go for now & having it sitting in my wip folder is so distracting.

I messed with the canon timeline a little I think. Or, at least, I didn't bother to check when Simon Crocker died and I'm sure he died long before Duke/Dru and Nathan's fight. (...Though tbh what I've read more recently says canon doesn't even know when Simon Crocker died so who fucking knows)

Title comes from "Tightrope" by Illy, which obviously reminds me of Duke/Nathan quite a lot

Dru rolls back into town on a clear Wednesday morning. )
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I wrote Transfer Your Tragedy a while back, but I can’t get the idea of the story behind that one scene out of my head tonight.

Human AU. Derek and Stiles form an unlikely partnership to bring down criminal mastermind/psychopath, Kate Argent, who murdered Derek’s family when he was a teenager. so... pretty much canon but without werewolves.

“Give it up, Stiles,” Derek says. He droops against the tiled wall and sighs. “He’s probably long gone with every scrap of evidence we had.”

“We can get it all again! We can get more and we can hide it better this time,” Stiles promises. “We’ll get her. We will.”

Stiles crouches in front of Derek and sticks out his hand. “Derek,” he says, very seriously, “take my pinky.”

Derek’s eyebrows lift comically high. “Stiles,” he says, very seriously, “what the fuck are you doing?”

Stiles just shakes his hand, pinky finger outstretched into Derek’s personal space, until Derek grudgingly curls his own pinky around it.

“A pinky promise is an unbreakable vow, Derek,” Stiles tells him. “We are going to catch Kate Argent and we are going to make her pay. Okay?”

Derek still looks sceptical and beaten, but his mouth quirks into that not-smile that always makes his eyes look unfathomably green. “Okay,” he says.
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Duke Crocker/Nathan Wuornos | Haven | G | 226 words | AO3 link
Their first kiss tasted like scotch.

Their first kiss tasted like scotch. )


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